Behaviour and Sleep Support Guide

Behaviour and Sleep Support Guide


Are you a sleep deprived parent to a toddler or child who is struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night?

Do you feel frustrated that your once perfect sleeper is now battling you at bedtime?

Has one more story turned into 6 stories, 3 songs, a jig and a back rub with a last minute wee and drink thrown into the mix?

Are you finding yourself sitting in your child's room while they fall asleep every night and every time they wake up?

Are tantrums more common and harder to manage since your child's sleep has lessened?

Is your child pressing all your buttons and finding new ones you didn't know existed?

Are you personally struggling with your emotions due to your child pushing the boundaries and not behaving as you would like?

Do you portray the happy parent image when really you are suffering and no-one seems to be able to offer actual help?

Would you like to be able to put your child to bed at bedtime feeling confident that you will have some time to yourself, and that your child is happy to sleep there until the next morning?

And crucially, would you like to have an evening to spend with your partner getting to know each other, and have a full nights sleep again?

If so, I can help.

I am a holistic sleep coach who understands what sleep deprivation can do to relationships, quality of work and mental and physical health.

I also understand that knowledge is a very powerful tool which is why I created the Behaviour and Sleep Support Guide to empower parents of children from 20 months to 6 years old, and offer strategies to help support your child on their journey into becoming a well rounded, emotionally intelligent and secure child who is happy to sleep through the night in their sleep space.

If you are tired of reading book after book and scrolling the internet just to find contradictory information, while not retaining the information due to sleep deprivation, you may find that watching videos with detailed, concise and easy to understand and digest information is what you are looking for.

This course is £129 and comes with 2 months online support in a private Facebook group directly from Nicole who runs Baby2Sleep.

You do not have to go on this journey alone, and you do not have to remortgage your house to get the help you need.

If you wish to speak out this further to decide if it is right for you, then book a free 15 minute chat with Nicole directly and ask her your questions.

You can read one of the reviews here.

You do not have to change everything in one go if you don't want to. Subtle changes can make a big difference, but knowing what to change and why can be one of the keys to success.

To support your young child to sleep well at this age is rarely just about sleep, you need to look at every aspect of your 24 hours and work on their day time behaviour, setting out your stall with your boundaries and helping them understand their emotions during the day when the brain is more ready to learn and process.

I have changed countless lives by reintroducing sleep into families lives again, and know from personal experience how damaging the effects of sleep deprivation are.

When you can put your child to bed knowing they are happy to sleep and you can start giving you some time back, you will feel like a different person and your life will change.

If not now, when???

If you want the gift of sleep and happiness, (that does some with some hard work to get there, I won't lie), then give my course a go and let me help you on your journey to a better nights sleep.

You can read the topics covered below.

20 Modules

1: Introduction

Introduction to the Baby2Sleep Behaviour and Sleep Support Guide

2: Understanding a Young Child's Brain

An overview into how the brain of a young child works. 

3: Boundaries, Choices and Limit setting

In this section, I will talk about why it is good for your child to have boundaries, make choices and how best to help them with their decisions.

4: Managing Tantrums and Emotions

Managing Tantrums, Emotion Coaching, and Positive Reinforcement

5: Specific Commands and lots of Praise

The importance of breaking down commands, being specific and giving lots of praise

6: Bedtime and Pre-Bedtime Routines

Pre-bedtime and bedtime routines that are conducive for sleep

7: Helping your child prepare for change

Strategies to help your child prepare for the changes you are about to make

8: To Nap or not to Nap?

What age do children typically stop needing their daytime nap? You may be surprised...

9: Gradual Retreat

An in-depth session on the Gradual Retreat method.

10: The Kissing Game

This is a fun alternative way to let your child know it's time to sleep.

11: Pop Outs

This method is designed to help your child become less distressed by you leaving and entering the room. 

12: First Minute Alone

This is a method where you leave the room for just one minute after kissing them goodnight...

13: Get out of Bed Tokens

If your child is a bit older, this may work very well.

14: The Fading Technique

The Fading Technique will help you with older children who have very late bedtimes

15: The Ribbon Method

This is for children that may be struggling with bedtime anxiety.

16: Merging Sleep Strategies

You may find that just using one of the previous methods may not be enough on its own, and you may find that you need to combine them...

17: Cot to Bed Transition

Navigating the Cot to Bed Transition 

18: About the Parents and the Journey

In this section you will find some tips on how to look after yourself while realising that the feelings you may have are completely normal and many others are going through it as well.

Final Words on How to use these Videos

Summing everything up and giving you time to process what you have learned.

Modules for this product 20
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