Baby2Sleep's Build your own Sleep Plan: 6-20 months

24 Modules

The Science behind Sleep (4:54)

In this episode, you will find out more about the 2 hormones called melatonin and cortisol, and their impact on normal sleep.

All About Sleep Cycles (7:05)

This chapter covers how sleep cycles work and the different types of sleep along with their purpose. 

What are the Signs of Tiredness and Overtiredness? (4:11)

In this episode you will find a bit more of what to look for in order to help sleep happen.

What are the Purposes of Naps (1:50)

Why are naps so important and why is getting the timing right key for your baby?

Naps from 6-9 months and when to transition from 3 naps to 2 (10:55)

In this episode, I will talk about how much sleep your baby averagely needs during the day, and how to help your baby transition from 3 naps a day to 2 naps a day.

Naps from 9-12 months (6:25)

How many daytime naps do babies this age typically need , and how much daytime sleep in general?

Naps from 12-24 months & when and how to transition from 2 naps to 1 (10:18)

Naps are tough, and even more so at this tricky age. in this episode, I'll tell you what is normal, and when and how you should drop to one nap a day.

What are Sleep Associations and how to break them (4:49)

This module will explain how sleep associations work and the link they have with regards to connecting sleep cycles. 

Creating a Sleep Conducive Bedtime Routine (5:31)

In this episode you will get some ideas on how to create a calm, sleep conducive bedtime routine to help everyone.

Night Weaning & Dreamfeeding (8:34)

In this episode, I will talk about dreamfeeding as an option, response feeding, and how to help reduce night feeds by eliminating hunger as the reason for night wakings.   

How to Calm a Distressed Baby (8:22)

No-one likes hearing a baby cry, so in this section I will be giving you useful information on how you can respond and comfort your baby should they be upset.

Overview Of Sleep Strategies (6:06)

There are multiple ways to sleep train. Here I talk about various options to help your baby to sleep well.  and why I may or may, not recommend them.

Introducing Passive Sleep Strategies (1:53)

This episode covers the basics which you need to have in place before making major changes to bedtimes and similar

Gradual Retreat in Detail (14:43)

This episode covers the Gradual Retreat method of sleep settling and how to make it work well for your child.

Hug it Out and Crying in Arms (2:53)

If you are wanting to maintain contact with your baby while breaking a different sleep association, this may be for you.

Separation Anxiety and Sleep (13:43)

You will have no doubt heard of separation anxiety, but what is it, and how can we help our baby's when they are going through it? This video will give you some great ideas in supporting your baby through these new developments.

What to Expect between 12-24 months Developmentally (13:06)

In these 12 months your baby will go from pulling themselves up, babbling and 2 naps a day to running, jumping, talking and sitting on just 1 nap a day and much more. This section will be talking you through what to expect and averagely when to expect it, along with how it can impact sleep and how to overcome it. 

Why are Sleep Diaries so Important (6:54)

Why is using a sleep diary important? What can it show you, how do you know what you are looking for, and how can it help you move things forward?

In this video, I go into much more detail about the importance of sleep diaries, and how best to use them.

The Final Chapter - Closing Video (0:58)

I hope you have found this guide helpful and have made some positive changes.

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