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Available Products

Passport2Parenthood - Navigating the first 6 months

£59 or £19.67 for 3 months

Congratulations on getting ready to take the only job that requires no training and comes with hardly any support, but that you are expected to master instantly.

Yes, you are about to become a parent.

Now you can learn about the what ifs, you can learn about normal baby development, you can find out who you need to get help from should you need it BEFORE any problems arise and sleep deprivation takes over your life.

Let me help you prepare for the biggest adventure with the right people in your corner.

Nicole xx

Baby2Sleep's Build your own Sleep Plan: 6-20 months

£59 one off payment or £19.67 a month for 3 months

*optional online support in a private Facebook group is available for just £35 a month and runs on a month by month contract

This course is for babies between 6 and 20 months old.

The Build Your Own Sleep Plans are designed to do what they say on the tin. They aren't strict routine and never a dictatorship, they are about empowering you as parents to make informed decisions that suit your baby and family with your new knowledge.

The plan will develop over time with new content added into the existing course, which you will have access to as and when it becomes available.

Toddler2Child Sleep and Behaviour Guide

£59 one off payment or £19.67 a month for 3 months

*optional online support in a private Facebook group is available for just £35 a month and runs on a month by month contract.

Baby2Sleep has put together this comprehensive sleep and behaviour guide for children between 20 months and 6 years old. The guide is delivered in short video segments which you can watch in any order.

At this age, trouble sleeping isn't always about what happens at night - it's good to look at certain parts of the daytime routine too in order to solve the puzzle. 

Children are developing at a remarkable rate at this age, and as parents, we need to take these changes into consideration, while also setting boundaries and gently guiding them, so that when it's time to rest they are ready, willing and able to sleep.

FREE eBook: 6 Top Tips for a Sleep-Conducive bedtime

Do you struggle to get your little one to drop off to sleep at bedtime? Before you come to me for help, here are a few simple things that you can do to help make bedtime less of a battle, and help your little one to wind down and drop off to sleep more easily

Baby2Sleep Gift Voucher

Give the gift you never knew you needed until you really needed it.

Give the ones you love the chance to start their parenting journey on a better foot than you had.

Help them return to work on a full nights sleep rather than being up 5 times a night and driving to work when sleep deprived.

All gift vouchers can be personalised with a heading of your choice and a personal message and emailed to you to pass on.

Online Support Group - Subscription

The online support group is for everyone who has bought one of my sleep or behaviour video guides.

I've tried to make my video courses as clear and helpful as I can, but you will probably still have days when you could use a bit of additional reassurance and support, or when you need help to figure out how to adjust the plan to suit your child(ren) and your particular situation.

One-to-one support can be expensive, but I offer a convenient in-between option.

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