Newborn Guide: What to expect in the first 6 months

Newborn Guide: What to expect in the first 6 months

Newborn testimonal

Are you currently expecting a baby and looking for support in navigating this special time with confidence?

Are you currently feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the changes that are coming, and wonder if you're prepared physically, practically and emotionally?

Are you currently spending your free time googling everything to do with birth and babies and feeling increasingly confused with the endless amounts of free advice, influencers and adverts you're seeing on a daily basis?

Would you like to prepare practically and emotionally for what is to come with evidence-based information about what is normal in terms of new parent feelings and emotions, baby development, sleep and more?

To have the confidence to ignore the people around you telling you are spoiling their baby by cuddling them all the time, that you should leave your baby to 'cry it out' or you should or shouldn't use a dummy?

To alleviate your anxiety about the dreaded 4-month sleep regression so you can approach it in a more positive way.

To feel confident in your choices and not feel like you will be pressured into doing something you don't want to do and feel less anxious about what lies ahead?

If so, I can help

I am a baby and sleep expert who is fully trained and qualified and a mum.

I have a passion for supporting parents and making a real difference in what is a very broken system.

I created a course that is designed to help new and expectant parents on their journey into becoming a parent and helping them through the first 6 months of their baby’s life. It is done by using short videos that they can dip in and out when they choose to on their phone, tablet or laptop.

‘I have just completed the Newborn guide and it was AMAZING. So much info from reliable sources, handy tips, reassurance and support split into small easily digestible videos. Instead of being filled with anxiety about the next development leap, I’ve learnt to look forward to what new skills she will have and remind myself to enjoy her as she will only be this little once. I would recommend this course to any soon to be new parents, it really is worth its weight in gold.’

‘Wow, I absolutely loved the newborn course and so wish you had this when I was a first time mum. I couldn’t believe how relatable it was to us as parents. It’s not just a case of watching videos, there is so much more information included. I love how relaxed and chatty you are in the videos, makes it so much easier to watch. It is honestly fantastic"

"I have just completed the new born course and it is something that all new parents need. This is my 2nd daughter who is now 3 months old and I wish I had seen this sooner. A fab resource and highly recommended 🙂" Karen

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This section talks about what is covered in the course.

I will not be providing medical advice in this course - instead I will tell you what to look out for, and provide a list of experts in various fields that you can consult if you are worried.

Preparing to become a parent

The birthing plan is just the first part of the preparation you need before becoming a parent. 

In this section, I will be giving you information on how to cope if things don't go your way, and also giving you practical tips to help you prepare for those first few weeks and months of your new life.

Normal new parent feelings

It is normal to go on an emotional rollercoaster when becoming a parent, but it is nice to know what is normal and what to expect with regards to how you may feel once your baby arrives.

Skin to skin and oxytocin

This section covers why skin to skin contact with your baby is so important, and why it is so powerful to help support bonding and attachment.  

Creating Attachment

Creating a strong attachment to your baby is such an important part of their beginning into this world, and your journey to become a parent. I will talk to you in more detail about ways you can help create attachment in this video.

You can't spoil a baby

Have you ever been told that if you respond to your baby in certain ways, you will 'spoil the baby'

There is no such thing.

As a parent you will respond to your baby's needs, but you may like to understand a little more as to why responding to your baby is so important and so natural. You will find out more in this section.

Can babies soothe themselves?

This section talks about the difference between self soothers, (thumb/finger suckers), and the babies that signal for help and how we can help them when they need it.

It also covers the topic of dummies - should we or shouldn't we?

Why is sleep important?

What happens during baby sleep and why is it so important to a baby's development?

Watch here to find out more.

Safe Sleep and Safe Co-Sleeping

This section covers safe sleep. This is for both babies sleeping in a crib or cot or co-sleeping.

A lot of research has been done in this area since we were little, so what your parents tell you may not be the most up to date advice.

What to expect in the first month

What is normal in the first month of a  baby's life?

What does sleep look like? How can we cope with the adjustment as parents? What can we do to support our baby while they adapt to life outside the womb? This section talks about all these things and more.

What happens between 1-3 months?

A lot can happen between 1 and 3 months old, so is nice to be prepared and understand how you can help and support your baby through these changes.

Sleep and Development between 3-6 months

I am sure you have heard about the 4-month sleep 'regression'.

In this section, I will be talking about what actually happens between 3 and 6 months in terms of a baby's sleep and offering ways to support them while they are going through these changes.

Understanding your baby's sleep cues

How do you know if your baby is tired? How do you know if they are overtired? How do you differentiate between them both?

This section is designed to help you learn, understand and respond to your baby's sleep cues. There is no one size fits all with sleep - you need to figure out what your baby needs, which may be different to other babies that you meet.

Flat Head Syndrome and Torticollis

This is a very brief overview of flat head syndrome and torticollis.

Seated Settling

In this section I will show you a method of settling a baby to sleep called seated settling. This is a method created by Rozanne Hay.

Winding and Reflux

In this section you will find some useful winding techniques and some links to Shel Banks IBCLC who can help you understand reflux, colic and allergies in more detail.

Will starting solids early help my baby sleep better?

In this section I will explain why starting solids early is not the answer to a good nights sleep.

How and When to Transition your Baby into their own room

This video talks you through various ideas to help you transition your baby into their own room at a time that is safe and appropriate for you as parents. 

Preparing children for the arrival of a brother or sister

If you already have children, you may be wondering how best to involve them in the arrival of a new sibling without them feeling pushed out. This video offers lots of different ideas how you can involve them during your pregnancy, right through to helping with the new baby once home.

Additional Support You May not Have Considered

Having a baby is life changing. 

You will have thought about your hospital bag, having a baby, where they will sleep etc, but then there are some other questions you may not have thought of.

This could include getting to know first aid for babies, how to get your own body back, baby poo... seriously, you will have never talked about poo so much in your life. 

The list is endless. In this section, I will talk you through various additional support ideas you may not have thought about and link you to specialists and governing bodies to help you continue your journey.

Moving on from this course

So what happens next?

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